Odelia Sarre

I love that magic moment when it all just comes together. The bride sees herself for the first time, the audience gasps as the model hits the runway or the photographer captures THE image.

My father is a photographer so I have literally grown up in the studio. After completing a commerce degree at university I went back to the studio to fufill my creative needs. Having a strong desire to be able to add skill and expertise to photoshoots I jumped into makeup with the encouragement of another artist we had working for us.

Largely I am self-taught  however I have undertaken a number of Master Classes with renowned Makeup Artists and was recently accepted into prestigious The Val Garland School of Makeup.

As I have worked in every facet of creating imagery from model to stylist, to photographer to post production I believe this gives me a holistic edge to makeup application. Most of all I am a people person and always endeavour to leave a positive lasting impression.